Monday, April 9, 2012

What Would You Do?

                In all of my travels to other worlds, none of the species encountered have seemed surprised to see me.  Many have been annoyed, but no one seems to be surprised.  I suppose these other worlds have greeted many travelers through the portal for some time now, whereas, since I only recently opened our portal we have not had the pleasure of embracing visitors through it as of yet.
                This begs the question, what would you do if an alien suddenly appeared in your back yard?  Now think about it.  What would you really do?  Would your answer change if it was big, green, and ugly?  What if it was only three feet tall with soft eyes?
                Would you run away, call the police or military or favorite palm reader; or approach it (with or without a frying pan in hand)?  If you approached the entity, would you attempt communication, ask it questions?  Would you dare to answer their questions?  Take a blood sample from it? 
I can only imagine so many options.  What are your ideas?  I’m curious to find out if a person’s answer would change depending on their upbringing, education, environment, career, religion . . . 
~ Clark


  1. Interesting question, Clark! Because I live alone, I would be frightened to say the least. But I would like to think that I would have an open mind to observe the activity before doing anything. If the alien seems approachable, I would do it in time. I can relate this to what happens in my life today.

  2. Great, so you would likely approach it. I would like to think I would too. After all, when would the next opportunity to meet an alien come?