Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Five Star Review!

Liza over at the Multi-Verses of Liza O wrote this review today:

There is nothing vague in David Englund’s writings. He provides great detail to create a believable situation as to how a small alien force could take over Earth.

Camouflaged Encounters is a brilliant sci-fi that engages the reader from beginning to end.
The author does a great job logically laying out in detail how it could happen—I mean seriously happen—then he combines it with fun portals to other worlds, where the human Clark makes friends with other alien friends. Unfortunately, most of them want nothing to do with the ancient and vicious species who has infested Earth.

How do you convince the entire human race that aliens who look like humans are taking over Earth by taking over high positions, creating wars and Ebola-like diseases to manipulate the entire world to attack USA. The press has been muzzled and people no longer trust each other.

Can Clark, his on-again girlfriend, an EPA agent, and a reporter save the world and reveal the aliens among us?
It’s a big task and I'm not going to tell you any more, only that I loved every page of this novel.
I give Camouflaged Encounters 5 stars.


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