Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Creatures

                I met the strangest species yesterday.  I use the term “met” loosely.  These creatures were little blue things that looked like a cross between a blue lizard and a dinosaur.  They were busy, busy, busy, doing something that involved burrowing in the ground, plowing fields or something.  I was fascinated by their odd appearance, organization, focus, teamwork, everything.  I wanted so badly to talk to them and learn everything I could from them.  Evidently, they only wanted to be left alone.  All I managed to do was annoy and aggravate them.  Some diplomat I turned out to be.    
But come on, there I was, a real-live alien, standing right in front of them.  Weren’t they curious?  Even just a little bit?  Where does he come from?  What is he like?  His people, culture, society, politics?  Do they have schools, art, technology, football?  Does he watch Gilligan’s Island?  Star Trek or Star Wars?  How can this species not be even the slightest curious about any aspect of another species?  Oh well, on to the next planet.
~ Clark


  1. I love reading about strange new lifeforms. Next time say 'Hi there' from earths happy ball of beings.

    1. I tried! They would have nothing to do with me. The next time I run across a friendly species though, I'll have them contact you through the USS Enterprise.

  2. Congrats David Englund I have given you a Kreativ blogger award.