Monday, April 16, 2012


                Exploring whole new worlds and experiencing new and different cultures can be challenging at times because, well, it is new and different.  I find that the real challenges though come out on the road, running path, whatever you want to call it.
                Everything hurts.  If I can think about it, it hurts.  Can I run another quarter mile, half mile, mile, another step?  One step becomes three and three steps become . . . I don’t know . . . a bunch.  And another bunch becomes another bunch.  That’s it, just dooon’t think about it.  One, two, one two, just keep going.  Soon, a landmark appears, a mile marker of sorts.  I realize I have gone another mile.  If I could do that mile, I can certainly do the next one and the one after that and . . .  Well, let’s not get carried away.  Just do this next bunch of steps.
                I fancy myself an accountant, an explorer, maybe even a bit of a writer, but I choose the title runner.  After all, why would I put myself through this if I didn’t love some aspect of it??
                ~ Clark


  1. Yes, another bunch of steps. I remember this concept and I am glad you brought it up, Clark. Whether you are a runner or just a survivor in life, it is just another bunch of steps. At some point, you can turn around and look back at where you have been. And be glad that you have advanced to where you are today. I, too, must love doing it as I keep taking bunches of steps!

    1. Well said! Onward toward another bunch of steps!