Monday, April 30, 2012


                I met the coolest species yesterday.  These guys floated off the ground using their minds!  They even picked me up and allowed me to float along with them.  It was a little unsettling to hear their voices in my head, but it was worth it.  I think all of them could hear my thoughts but they controlled themselves so that I could only hear one person.  Except for the little ones, I think.  Occasionally, I heard giggling in my head.   Anyway, they do everything with their minds.  Their homes, cities, everything floats in the air. 
                They call themselves Swenns.  I call them the Marshmallow people because they have big yellow square bodies with no face or arms or legs.  Diplomat that I am, questions kept popping into my head that I wanted to ask but didn’t.   I asked the usual questions about culture, society, and history and all that but what I really wanted to know was how can you eat or smell with no faces?  I thought those might be offensive to ask but how do you keep from having thoughts?  Seriously, how can you possibly keep from thinking about things?  I’m sure they heard every stray thought I had and are wondering what the heck baseball and pretty girls have to do with exploring.
                And then the harder you try not to have stupid thoughts, the quicker they jump into your head right?  It started with thoughts.  I just hope I don’t wet myself.  How can they possibly reproduce when they have bodies like big square Marshmallows?  Oh no, did I just think that out loud?  Soon, it was movie images.  The harder I tried to clear my mind, the more scenes from slasher movies and war movies popped into my head.  Some ambassador I turned out to be.  I can’t believe they invited me back.  Who knows, maybe they have a sense of humor.
                ~ Clark


  1. that would be one of my super powers: to float around in the air:)

    1. You would love it. ~ Clark

  2. lol! Quite the imagination--I love it! But isn't that just the right precursor to wonderful fiction? :-)