This is a very good young adult read that will coax both genders, but especially many reluctant male readers into the story.  From the interesting worlds Clark visits through invisible "stargates" to the unusual aliens and subplots, this is a book anyone who enjoy Star Trek, Stargate, or Star Wars is going to love this story. 

Englund does a good job developing likeable characters readers will relate to. He also creates fascinating altnerate worlds that will spark the imagination of young readers and help them develop a lot of reading they so desperately need in this video age. Well done. If I have any quibble it's that I hate the title. But that's probably the former English teacher in me.

Book Bling gives this story 4 stars!

Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock
May 16, 2014

Travel with regular hero Clark Jackson as he meets an alien species and tries to friend them. The adventure begins and Clark finds himself thrown right in the middle of a war. The images are vivid and I felt like I was there watching. The highest complement I can give an author is I felt like I was watching a movie.  I cant say enough about how the characters felt real and I really cared for Clark. This is definitely a book for the adventurous person and I give it 5 fangs.

Our Families Adventure
Jenn Greene
May 9,2014
My Impressions: 
David Englund's 2nd book, "Unseasonal War", is a great young adult  sci-fi adventure that takes you to other worlds where you join Clark on his adventures with new people, new places an wonderful battles. I enjoyed how realistic David wrote the characters and the scenes. I felt transported to each area and could really feel the emotions and intensity that Clark and others were experiencing. Really enjoyed this book which speaks volumes to Endlund’s writing style and all the twists and turns his book took, since I am not a sci-fi reader normally. The story line is well written and the characters are real and easy to relate to and understand. Overall I greatly enjoyed this book and need to go read his first one!

Straight from the Library
Librarian Judith
May 2, 2014


Clark Jackson has discovered a portal to other worlds in his backyard in the first book of this series and has spent some time getting to know some of the worlds he's encountered while, at the same time, living his daily routine dull life as an accountant in Iowa.

This book is the second in the series and the reader is dropped right into the action. Although the author says it can be read as a standalone, I believe a reader would be much more comfortable with the work if she had more of the background and got to know them a little first. 

The story is told in first person from Clark's point of view, and so we get to see and know what he does. There's no backstory to ease you into who these people are and there are times he's switching from place to place without any transition--which got a little confusing.

I did manage to figure out what was going on, although I never felt as connected to the characters as I could have--again, I think, due to the fact that I have not read the first book.

Even with that, though, I became interested enough in the action that I wanted to continue to read the book. I enjoyed learning about the two different races Clark encountered and the lessons he learned in that. The space battle scenes were full of action--and I could actually see this as a movie, filmed from the hero's POV. 

There are some surprising developments that I did not see coming, and there's another book coming. I'm interested enough in the series, even with the difficulties caused by not having read the first book, to want to know what happens next. And, I will make sure I've read the first one before that time comes. 3 stars

4.0 out of 5 stars Travel with Clark Jackson! February 5, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
David Englund's 2nd book, "Unseasonal War", is a great sci-fi read that takes you to other worlds along with the likable and "regular guy" hero, Clark Jackson. Englund excels at making his readers really FEEL the emotions of Clark as he experiences new places and people, as well as the intensity and images of battle. WELL worth the price and time - ENJOY this one!

Lataya on Goodreads
November 16, 2013

Lataya rated it 5 of 5 stars
Unseasonal War is an amazing book. I could not get enough of it. The character set-up is great and the plot was easy to follow. I loved how there were different twists to the story that kept it unpredictable. The book is a fast read and it really captures your attention. It has just enough details to help you comprehend what’s happening but not too many to make you annoyed. All in all, I give this book five stars.

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