Monday, July 2, 2012

Swenns Again

                This week I decided to visit some friends of mine.  I’m sure you remember the Swenns, or as I call them, the Marshmallow people.  I still found it difficult to carry on a conversation in my head with telepathic people.  I feel like I have to shout in my head to be heard.  It gives me a headache after a while, and probably is no picnic for them either. 
                I learned a few new things about them today.  They have such control over their telekinetic powers that they even float in the air when they’re sleeping.  How cool is that?  There isn’t much of a need for a kitchen table when you can float everything you need in midair right in front of you or for a sofa when you don’t use it.  It wasn’t quite as easy for me as it is for them.  I felt like I was on the moon fumbling around trying to reach for things right in front of my face.   
                You know me; I’m always full of questions.  Unfortunately, they weren’t comfortable answering quite a few of them.  Interestingly enough, they answered my question on religion.  As best as I can explain it, they aren’t religious in the sense that we are on Earth but they are extremely spiritual, if that makes sense.  They don’t have any one deity or a group either.  I was informed that they worship (acknowledge?) the entire universe, or maybe it was everything that is.  I had trouble grasping their exact meaning.
                They also have some sports that they play.  Theses would be the equivalent of games like kickball and old Maid (evidently, no Texas Hold’em).  The games they play pretty much include everyone, so there aren’t any high-priced athletes or prima donnas.  Sadly, no fantasy football either.
My question about holidays was answered too.  They have them, but, as with everything else theirs are a little different.  The Swenns celebrate important dates to their species as opposed to specific people or religious dates.  For example, the day the first of their species was created and the day world peace was achieved are celebrated (in a fashion).  Don’t ask me what part of the year these days fall on or what a year is to them.  I was thoroughly lost by this point. 
I’ll let you know what else I learn on future trips.
                ~ Clark

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