Monday, June 11, 2012


This blog recently won its first award!  Thank you so much to CaptainSciFi for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Now I have the privilege of awarding it to another blogger.  I would like to present the award to  for her poetry (GiGGLE-ITIS is one of my favorites).
According to the rules, I now need to provide seven facts about myself.  So here are seven of my favorite things:

Favorite Alien: The Tinkerer.  He’s my buddy.
Favorite Season: Fall on the Swenn’s planet.  Nothing beats the colors in Trabalm trees.
Favorite Status: Alive.
Favorite Beer: Frask Light Ale on Tr’zez’s world (I certainly hope that was beer).
Favorite Gender: Human Women.
Favorite Look: The new Straluk Spring line is attractive (if you don’t mind tentacles).
Favorite Football Team: The Vikings (of Earth’s Minnesota).
~ Clark


  1. thanks for the award! I guess ive got to write seven facts as well then?:)

    1. Certainly! You deserve it!