Monday, February 13, 2012


                I was hoping to report on what romance might be like for other species I’ve met on my travels by now.  However, I haven’t visited too many worlds yet and I haven’t witnessed any amorous relationships.  At least, not that I could tell.
                So instead, I’ll ask a question.  What kind of valentine are you?? 
                Do you look forward to the day in anticipation of the intimate time you’ll get to share with your special someone?  Or do you stress about finding the right gift(s) and providing the ideal date night for your valentine?  Do you think Valentine’s Day is overrated and it’s more important to treat him/her nicely every day than to emphasize a special day?  Or are you going out with the boys/girls to celebrate singledom and wish for a valentine?
                Well, don’t fret.  We all have valentines come into our lives at some point.  And don’t stress.  If you act from the heart you’ll do just fine.
                So, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day because everyone needs a little love in their heart.
                ~ Clark


  1. I think the "Day" is overrated and leaves us single people feeling "down". I do think we need to treat those special people in our lives special every day. Love coming from deep within will come around and reward us someday.

    1. I feel the same way. I think we should try to make every day special for that someone.