Monday, February 6, 2012

Tinkerer Address

                Greetings!  If you have read the book, Upsetting the Tides, then you know who I am.  For the remainder of you, the people of the universe call me the Tinkerer.  My, ahem, “buddy”, Clark thought it would be entertaining to address you.
                Why are you Earthlings so obsessed with communication?  How do you accomplish to achieve anything in a day while conversing incessantly?  And another issue, could you move any quicker?  You people have no place to be?  I have witnessed groncers that have more ambition than your species.  Ah, forgive me, I digress.
                The purpose of my address is to caution you.  If your race truly believes to be prepared to explore the universe, proceed extremely carefully.  It is not an obstacle course to stumble through.  Space is a wondrous tapestry filled with unique phenomenon, some of which happen to involve inhabited planets.  Some of these civilizations are fragile ones that can be easily contaminated.  Others are far more advanced than yourselves and would quickly do you harm.
                That is all I have to confer.  If you desire more entertainment, you may wish to read one of Clark’s posts.  Certainly, he profoundly deliberates on his thoughts about many topics.


  1. I guess we're all aliens deep down with a hankering curiosity for the unknown.

  2. To bring it closer to home, some of us have a curiosity for unexplored adventures to new places and a new way of life in this world we live in. One that we need to take the time to "feel", to smell the flowers, to experience. Some adventures maybe fragile and others, overwhelming. But in order to grow, we need to explore!