Monday, December 12, 2011

Agent Johnson

                The Feds came to my house today!  There were two agents who said they were with the Environmental Protection Agency.  You and I both know what that really means.  Agents Johnson and Jackson, if that’s really their names, interviewed me.  Agents?  Really?  What are they, spooks or investigators?  Aren’t the people working for the EPA supposed to be scientists or lawyers?  Since when did they become investigators of extraterrestrial events?  What do you suppose they know?  What could they possibly know?  I covered up all the evidence of Tr’zez being in my back yard.  Well, I think I got it all. 
                I have to be super careful now.  I think they have highly technical equipment.  I bet they have been doing this for quite some time now and have gained technology from other species.  I have no idea if they captured it or traded for it but it makes a person wonder.  Think about it for a minute.  Has our government already made contact with extraterrestrials? 
What are the chances that out of all the stars in the sky, someone, someone has visited us from another star system?  Could the chances really be zero?  Really, do we think that there could be such an abundance of life on this one, single planet but zero on countless other planets out there?  Does that sound right to you?  Heck, I’ve met some of them.  Anyway, if the government has made contact, you know they would keep it secret because people just aren’t ready for something like this.  Besides, they’d want to maintain any advantage they could over other governments.
                You’ll have to forgive me, I get excited when I think about the possibilities.  What I wanted to tell you was that this Agent Johnson gave me a weird feeling.  I didn’t think about it when he was interviewing me because he put me on the defensive.  He looked at me like he knew something.  But later after they left I realized he had had some odd mannerisms.  I wish I had paid closer attention at the time.  Could he have been an alien himself?  Like that movie, could they be living and working among us, only they’re working for the government?  Hrrr, it gives me chills thinking about it.  No, no, that just can’t be true.
                Enough speculation, I need to go outside and make sure there’s no evidence of aliens in my back yard.


  1. I definately think there's life on other planets, we can't be the only ones in the universe.

  2. Thank you. Someone out there believes. I knew you were a believer after I read your poem with aliens on the rooftop.