Monday, May 6, 2013

Invisible Frustrations

                Okay, this time it was invisibility.  A planet FULL of invisible people or whatevers.  I’ve often thought that I have the natural ability to be invisible.  I can make a whole room full of people ignore me (remember, I’m an accountant).  But this is a new one when everyone else is invisible.  There were trees and rocks and grass and plenty of nature all around.  Everything else seemed to be visible, just not the species watching me. 
I know what you’re thinking.  How do I know anyone was there if I couldn’t see them?  Well, you know how sometimes you get the feeling that you’re being watched?  Well, I had the feeling that I was being watched by hundreds.  And they weren’t exactly sneaky about it either.
                The smell was pretty strong, a combination of mild onion and . . . sausage?  There’s no way that odor was produced by their nature, no way.  Besides, it faded and got stronger as if people were walking by.  Yes, walking, not crawling or slithering by, walking.  There was certainly a large group of them.  As if I were so ignorant that I couldn’t tell the difference.
                When you get that many people or things together, there’s going to be some noise.  Oh, they were quiet alright, just not as quiet as they thought.  It gets a mind wondering.  Do they have two heads?  Three?  Two legs?  Are they big creatures walking softly to muffle their noises or small entities walking heavily?  Uggh!  Why couldn’t they just visit with me?    They wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was there.  
                So I did the most annoying, disturbing thing I could think of to make them watch.  That’s right, I did the chicken dance.  A full five minutes of it too.  One thing is for certain, whoever they are, they’ll never have any desire to visit Earth and observe the rest of us.
                What would you do if a whole roomful of people were ignoring you?
                ~ Clark


  1. :) that was a very entertaining post. Sausage and onions, really? LOL

    1. Awesome! Thank you Wendy!