Monday, January 16, 2012

Normal Life?

How am I supposed to live a normal life now?  It seems like most people have such busy daily routines that they have to focus wholly on their lives and little else.  Have you ever met someone at a social event only to realize that you see this person almost every day, you simply hadn’t noticed because they weren’t a part of your life?  Or how about the conference topic you had no knowledge of but discover is brought up almost daily in the news?  You hadn’t been paying attention until it was presented to you.  Well, now the entire universe has been presented to me. 
            I get to meet new species.  Let me say that again.  I get to meet new species.  Plural.  I get to visit planets that I can’t even find in the night sky.  I get to witness three moons in the twilight sky of an incomparable land that I couldn’t dream up with my best use of imagination.  How can normal life exist now?  Not only do I know that there is an entire universe out there, I’m exploring it.  How can I focus on inane numbers on a computer screen and cleaning house or going to the store when all I can think about are the millions of questions that come to me?  How can I sit still in the office when anxiety shakes my very foundation at the thought of going on another adventure after work?   


  1. Your stories make fascinating reading

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. How can you indeed. When you wake up to discover that life is more than the monotony of the mundane? Yes, I can see where you come from Clark.

  4. Yes! That's what I'm talking about. Well said!